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optimising the relaunch of a comparison portal about master programmes

Optimising the Comparison Website about Master Programmes

Search engine optimisation of the comparison portal about master studies for the relaunch.

Pritzwalks GmbH & Co. KG provides information and comparison websites for study courses. This includes - an information portal about Master of Laws (LL.M. - legum magister). Monthly, more than 90,000 students and lawyers worldwide seek the advice of the portal in order to learn about universities, programs, news and formalities.

Task: Content Optimisation for the Website Relaunch

"For the relaunch of the global LLM Guide website our content needed to be optimized and updated without losing rankings in the search engines. Our site is already 15 years old and contains many articles, comments and images. ", states Michael Filtz, Managing Editor and Manager of Accounts of Pritzwalks GmbH & Co. KG.

DirektSEO Services: Optimisation for the Relaunch

  • Expansion of the website through „Featured Programs“
  • Internal Link Building and Updates
  • Search engine optimized management of the forum 
  • Answering technical questions in English from visitors in the USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany, etcetera
  • Editorial articles and information on scholarships 
  • Translations from English into German 
  • Editing images 
  • Database Maintenance

Advantage: A userfriendly layout, up to date information and good search engine positions to reach visitors

Pritzwalks published a well-structured website that is well-positioned in the search engine results. Potential students will find the site in search engine results for the world's popular search terms. They can inform themselves quickly and comprehensively.

The client says:

"Franziska Oehler helped a lot in the process of relaunching our website. Her keen insights into the different areas of a website and her expertise in the German and English language simplified our communication enormously," says Michael Filtz. "With the new website we are ready to compete again.”


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