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analysis and consulting

Do you wish to know where your potential customers spend time on the Internet? Which keywords are they using to look for your services? Are you longing to understand how your website is visited and perceived? Are you aiming to attract new customers but you do not know which costs are involved? Web Analysis enables targeted online marketing.

Past an initial analysis, I discuss with you the usability, design as well as the technical and informative implementation of your web presence. I advise you on your visitors, where they come from, how they reach your site and how long they stay for. Do you wish to improve your targeting and to be found for different keywords or phrases? What is your competition like? I will give answers to all these questions and define the matching keywords together with you.

The ultimate goal of a paid SEM campaign (Google AdWords) or an organic search engine optimization campaign (SEO) is to be found on the top of Google and other search engines for attractive keywords and key phrases. Choosing the right words is critical to keep the amount of time and money as low as possible. Hence the website has to offer what people are looking for. Many companies loose thousands of visitors because they have chosen the wrong terms.

After the keyword analysis, I discuss results with you. A goal is set and based on your budget, I develop a suitable online marketing strategy for you. Individual steps will be listed to show you in how and in what time your website will be improved.

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