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Do you wish to move potential customers to buyers or draw attention to your offer and communicate its benefits? Do you want to see instant results? Then your solution is search engine advertising.

In search engine advertising I run paid ads within the advertising system of Google. Whether as a text or graphical advertisement, the immediate visibility of your website in the paid search results is guaranteed.

Your Ad success is measured accurately and can be continuously optimized. Many Customers choose "Pay Per Click" – as a payment model. What is your advantage of search engine marketing? As an advertising customer, you only pay when your ad is clicked by searchers.

Talk to me! Together we set a goal and I find the right SEA strategy for you. Search engine advertising is particularly suitable for new products, services, ecommerce and web pages. In the start-up phase or when an offer still records few visitors, you generate prospects via branding campaigns and optimize your customer acquisition.


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