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Website Design

Are you looking for website design? Customers should feel addressed, instantly? Modern it should be, easy to use and expand? Your clients should feel encouraged to buy?

We build websites using the content management systems Joomla & Wordpress. Depending on your needs, we integrate extensions and plugins for additional features. Websites are created according to the latest standards: HTML5, PHP, CSS3, and JavaScript. We deliver firm solutions, being it a simple landing page, a complex portal or a shop. All of our web designs are suitable for mobile use (responsive website design). We acquire or design illustrations, icons and images that suit your image concept.

Right from the start of designing your website, we lay the basics of search engine optimisation: We integrate an XML Sitemap, register your site at Google Webmasters and submit your website to the search engine index. Via Google Analytics you will be able to track your visitors, daily.

Do you wish to create a website yourself? In workshops, you learn how to use the content management systems and how to develop your website. 

Do you wish to leave a perfect signature? Tell me the goals and aspirations you have! Send your desired text and images and we build your website. You get a fresh and responsive web design, appealing to your target group – one that moves your business into the right light.


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